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This is one of the sorriest tales in the Bible. How would today's media treat Jacob? He cheats his brother and deceives his blind, dying father. Does it get any lower than that? But what is really mysterious is God's reaction. He does not strike Jacob dead. He does not even appear to him and berate him. No, God had chosen Jacob to be the bearer of the blessing...the blessing given to Abraham, the blessing that would eventually bless the world. Perhaps Jacob's punishment comes later when his own sons deceive him about the fate of his son Joseph. But there is a deeper lesson here. We learn something very important about God. God does not desert his people when they sin or act stupidly. God stays with them. Perhaps it's because such folks need God most of all. There's another lesson here...almost as important. God can and does use us in His great work, even though we are not worthy. God doesn't reserve His work for saints. Maybe it's because there are so few of them!!!!! God uses the scoundrels of the world as well as the holy ones, the Jacobs as well as the Mother Teresas. Fortunately for most us, he uses us in-betweeners as well.



"From winter, plague, and pestilence, good Lord, deliver us!"
Thomas Nashe (1567-1601)


October 26th - Louise Pollard

October 29th - Susan O'Connor, Jeff Painter


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