Galax Presbyterian Church began as a dream and a vision in the heart of Virginia McCamant Howard. In 1860, she organized a Sunday School that met in Grayson County Courthouse in Oldtown, Virginia. She decided that the small group needed to build a church. She was not discouraged when the group thought her idea absurd. Her persistence led Colonel John Dickson to give a lot on which the church could be built. Still,money was lacking. Mrs. Howard went to New York to visit an aunt who was a member of Henry Ward Beecher's church. She made a plea to the church and was given a gift of $1000 to build the church building. In 1869 work was begun. In 1871, Abingdon Presbytery established a home mission church in Oldtown with 12 members, two elders, and one deacon. Mrs. Howard urged the church to move to Galax in the early 1900's believing that it would be the center of things in this area. As a result of her efforts the present building was begun and completed in 1905 just before Galax was incorporated.
  In the 1920's the church became self-supporting and ceased being a home mission church. In the 1950's the Galax Presbyterian Church became the First Presbyterian Church and also added the annex to the sanctuary and the Christian education section of the facilities. A new pipe organ was installed some forty years later.Since its beginning, God has called five of its members into the ministry of Word and Sacrament. Our prayer is that He will add to that number. In 1989 the session voted to return to our former name, the Galax Presbyterian Church. In the mid 1990's the congregation decided to build an all-purpose building to house its fellowship meals, provide space for our youth group, and offer space to community for various meetings and activities. The building was named Warrick Hall after Ruth and Gene Warrick who donated a large sum of money for the project. We pray that God will continue to bless us and deepen our commitment so that we can serve Him more faithfully.

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