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10/29/17 Faith Alone, Grace Alone
11/5/17 Heaven Will Be What God Wants It to Be
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11/5/17 Heaven Will Be What God Wants It to Be
11/12/17 Earthly Deeds
11/19/17 The God We Will All Face

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Both the words of Hosea in the quotation of the week below, and those of Paul in this passage from Galatians make a similar point: There is a strong connection between what we do or fail to do and the consequences we bear as a result. Hosea speaks of sowing the wind and reaping disaster. He is condemning Israel for worshipping false gods and forgetting their debt to the God who liberated them from slavery in Egypt. This will result in their national disaster.

These words speak to our current political situation as well. When those running for office seek to get elected by polarizing our country, by stirring up the anger and fear in many of the electorate, they are sowing the wind. One can only wonder whether there is any connection between the increased random violence in our country and the rhetoric of those desperately seeking votes. There is no question that it destroys the willingness of both parties to work together for the betterment of our nation.

On the other side of the coin, when we the electorate fail to vote in large numbers, we all but guarantee that those elected will not represent our interests but their own and those of the people who support them-especially with money. We too are sowing the wind.

Paul goes on to speak of not sowing to the flesh but rather sowing to the spirit. Among other things he means not indulging our selves selfishly but in love doing good as often as we have the opportunity. When we do good we plant seeds that bear good fruit.


"For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind"

Hosea 8:7


November 21st - Rebecca Friend
November 24th - Gracie Firgau

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