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6/12/16 What Bothers God?
6/19/16 Opposites Repel
6/26/16 Two Paths

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6/5/16 When Life Meets Death
6/12/16 What Bothers God?
6/19/16 Opposites Repel

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I love this psalm because it speaks of gaining perspective on life. It affirms that God is beyond the reaches of time, that He always was and always will be. On the other hand human life is short...even those who live to a ripe old age disappear from history quickly.

Since we only have a limited number of days, the Psalmist requests the wisdom to use them well. God's Law, or better translated God's Wise Instruction found in Scripture, has been given to us so that we will use our time on earth wisely.

Jesus said that this entire "Law" can be summarized thusly: "Love God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength...and love your neighbor as yourself." If we would use our days wisely, use them lovingly.

When we couple the above with Jesus' warning against piling up wealth and being consumed by accumulating it and protecting it, we have the keys necessary to unlock the door of using our time wisely.


"Nothing worth doing is completed in our lifetime. Therefore we are saved by hope."

Reinhold Niebuhr


July 3rd - Elizabeth Myers
July 4th - Sarah Friend
July 10th - Eileen O'Connor
Joann Hamden
July 13th - Norma Busic
Kerry Fowler
July 14th - Ramona Friend
Missy DiGiacomo
July 16th - Johannes Firgau
July 17th - J.C. Roudebush
July 20th - Don McKinley
July 21st - Edna Cardwell
July 22nd - Mark Painter
July 28th - Betty Cox Cook
July 30th - Vera Edmonds
July 31st - Cassie Painter

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