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6/25/17 Spirits Among Us - Margaret Dickson
7/2/17 God and Country
7/9/17 Games People Play

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6/25/17 Spirits Among Us - Margaret Dickson
7/2/17 God and Country
7/9/17 Games People Play

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Jesus spoke for quite some time at that last meal he had with his disciples. No doubt he shared with them the most important things on his mind, since he knew he would die on the following day. "If you love me, keep my commandments".

In the Bible love is not an affection or an emotion. Love is a disposition towards someone which always issues forth in action. To love Jesus is not to feel warm affection for him but rather to do what he commanded us to do.

If we love Jesus we will study the Sermon on the Mount and do our very best, with the help of the Holy Spirit to do what he tells us to do there. This involves, among other things, controlling our anger, our lust, our desire for vengeance, and our tendency to judge others harshly.

Later on in his final discourse he tells the disciples, "A new commandment I give you, that you love one another as I have loved you." The disciples meant more to Jesus than his own life. He has set the bar very high.

When we say we love Jesus or we love the Lord, we are accepting that high bar in our lives and trying to show the kind of love Jesus showed.


"'Lord, I ascribe it to grace, and not to chance..."

Isaac Watts


July 21st - Edna Cardwell
July 28th - Betty Cox Cook
July 29th - Mark Painter
July 30th - Vera Edmonds

Announcements and Coming Events: 

Church Picnic, Sunday, August 20th at Tony Goodman's. More details to follow soon.

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