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4/26/15 No Other Name
5/3/15 The Heart of the Matter
5/24/15 Dry Bones and Fiery Tongues

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4/26/15 No Other Name
5/3/15 The Heart of the Matter
5/24/15 Dry Bones and Fiery Tongues

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Not quite as famous as 1 Corinthians 15, but more theologically profound is John's discourse on love. The affirmation that God is Love is the central one. Love does not exhaust everything one can say about God, but it shapes every affirmation about God. God creates in love. God judges in love. God forgives in love. God saves in love. We know that God is love from what God does, most clearly in sending us His son to save us from our sins. God's love makes all other loves possible.

John goes on to root the moral life of the Christian in the nature of God as love. Because God loves us we should love one another. We are called to reflect God in our living and we simply cannot do that apart from loving.

John also makes it clear that by love he means not a sentiment but self-sacrificial giving to the other.


"A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?"

Robert Browning


May 29th - Mark Luague
June 1st - Bill Martin
June 3rd - Sophie Jones
June 7th - Boyce Lacy Burnett
Alan Goad
June 10th - Kelly Arey
June 11th - Julianna DiGiacomo
June 14th - Juanita Spengler
Kevin Loftin
June 15th - Tom Dendy
June 16th - Lyn Bolen Warren
Bob Dendy, Jr.
June 17th - Mary P. McAlpine
June 18th - Eloise Vass
June 23rd - Dominic DiGiacomo
June 26th - Sam Luague
June 27th - Adrienne Lastinger
Kelli Martin Mowbray
June 28th - Vivian Fant
Allen Laws
June 29th - Brenda Blattner

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The Necessities Closet is in dire need of supplies - Diapers (all sizes), pull-ups, baby wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, dishwashing detergent, laundry detergent, household cleaning supplies, etc. Anyone wishing to donate items may bring them by the church Tuesday - Friday, or you may call the church (276-236-3147) to arrange a time to drop off your donated items.

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