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1/11/15 The Day the Heavens Opened
1/18/15 Hidden Origins
1/25/15 The Transforming Call

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1/4/15 The Magi's Fourth Gift
1/11/15 The Day the Heavens Opened
1/18/15 Hidden Origins

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This is the story of Jesus healing the man with many demons in Gerasa. As Mark tells the story the man roams free, howling like an animal. No one is strong enough to bind him. Jesus commands the demons, whose name is Legion "because we are many" to leave the man and they do, asking only to be allowed to invade a herd of swine.

Mark proclaims that Jesus is the only one strong enough to rescue human beings from the many demons which possess us. After Jesus' work, the man now sits clothed and in his right mind, deeply wanting to be with Jesus and follow him. The townspeople are afraid of being transformed by Jesus in a similar manner and beg Jesus to go away and leave them alone.

This is the choice all of us must make: allow Jesus to transform us into a new creation or remain slaves to the demons which possess us.


"Puritanism - The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy."

H.L. Mencken


February 1st - Christopher O'Connor, Sr.
James Lazo
February 2nd - Shanna Minarik
Carl Whitlock
February 4th - Kim Messner
February 6th - Tracy L. Burcham
Robert Patrick Lazo
February 9th - Bill Sutherland
February 10th - Esme Minarik
February 11th - Teresa Blattner
February 12th - Greta Spengler
February 13th - Nancy Luague
Sue Ann Clemmons
February 17th - Ruth DeZern
February 19th - Robert Wilson
Bernice Ward
February 20th - Jean Campbell-Kuhn
Emily Hill
February 22nd - Manuel Firgau
February 23rd - Katie O'Connor
Tony Goodman
February 25th - Cathy DeZern Melton
February 26th - Linda Laws
February 27th - Rick Spengler
February 28th - Kirsty Dickson-Merit

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World Mission Luncheon, Sunday, February 8th immediately following worship

The Necessities Closet is in dire need of supplies - Diapers (all sizes), pull-ups, baby wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, dishwashing detergent, etc. Anyone wishing to donate items may bring them by the church Tuesday - Friday, or you may call the church (276-236-3147) to arrange a time to drop off your donated items. Financial donations are also appreciated. Any amount helps!

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