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8/31/14 Living as Sacrifices
9/7/14 The Longest Day
9/14/14 The Unforgivable Sin

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8/31/14 Living as Sacrifices
9/7/14 The Longest Day
9/14/14 The Unforgivable Sin

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This is the very powerful and disturbing parable Jesus told called "The Laborers in the Vineyard". We know the story. Some men work all day and are paid the agreed-upon wage. Others work but one hour and get the same reward. We must admit that we sympathize with the day-long workers who cry foul and claim that what the owner is doing is not fair.

The parable becomes disturbing when we understand that Jesus is picturing God as the owner of the Vineyard, and owner who seems not to understand the human labor market.

Jesus is telling those of us who have ears to hear that God can bring into the kingdom anyone He wants...those who labored long and hard in His cause and those who have done only a little. Jesus is talking about "grace". We must admit that we might be a part of that group of "elder brothers" who murmured and grumbled!


"Once blood is shed in a national quarrel reason and right are swept aside by the rage of angry men."

David Lloyd George 1942


September 21st - Mary Guynn
September 22nd - Matthew Hamden

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